Funeral Services

A final dedication to honor your loved one

The Christian funeral service is the final dedication of a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ, and, like the first dedication at baptism, occurs as an act of worship. The Gospel of Jesus Christ meets our deepest griefs and anxieties about death with an even deeper hope.

The congregation and its pastors want to minister to families on the occasion of death. When a loved one dies, we hope you will call one of our pastors as soon as his or her presence would be helpful to you, regardless of the hour. Pastors may be reached by calling the church at 512-478-5684, ext. 213.

Current Funeral Procedures Regarding COVID-19

While Austin is under APH Stage 5 Guidelines, we are only able to provide Funeral and Memorial Services for FUMC Members. Services will only be held in the Sanctuary when the anticipated number of congregants is less than 250, with a strict requirement that all congregants remain masked throughout the service. No receptions will be allowed in FUMC facilities.

(updated August 13, 2021)

Inquiry Procedures

The death of a member of the church should be reported to the pastors as soon as possible, so that they can be consulted in the arrangements for the funeral. Funeral services that are scheduled prior to consultation with the pastors are subject to availability of church facilities and clergy.

Funeral services require at least 72 hours advance notice, and often more, in order to adequately plan and provide needed staff and volunteers to carry out the service.

If you wish to notify the church of a death and inquire about funeral services, call the church office during business hours, or leave a message for the on-call pastor at 512-478-5684, ext. 213.

About the Service

The Christian funeral is a service of worship in which we thank God for the gifts of life, including those that extend beyond death. We especially give God thanks for this special person who lived among us and who now, even in death, continues in God’s love and care, and lives on in our memory.

While recommending the service in The United Methodist Church Book of Worship, our pastors are happy to work with you to plan a service that meets your particular needs and wishes.

Services can be held in the Sanctuary (seats 750) or Murchison Chapel (seats 80), at another chapel, or at the graveside.

We are accustomed to coordinating with a funeral director, but in case of a memorial service, this may not be necessary.

The pastor assigned to the service will schedule a meeting with all pertinent family members at least 72 hours in advance in order to plan the service.

There is no fee for facilities, but a donation is always welcome.

There is no fee for clergy or organist/pianist. An honorarium is appreciated.

Audio/Visual services are available for a fee of $150, subject to the availability of a technician. Services include setup for guest musicians, video slide shows (allow before or after the worship service), livestreaming, and/or recording.

Vocal and Instrumental Soloists are available for a fee of $150-$200.


Receptions are held in Wesley Hall or the Great Hall, and are typically carried out by the Sunday School class or other group in which the deceased was involved. If no such group exists, church staff will seek volunteers to help with a reception.

Families may choose to provide catering for a reception in consultation with the Assistant to the Pastors.