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Our Money Story Worship Series

Sundays, October 4-25
Every one of us has a money story, whether we recognize it or not. Maybe it’s a story of fear or a story of shame. Maybe it’s a story of joy and possibility. Even churches have a money story. For some, it’s a story that the church is dying and no longer relevant. For others, it’s a story that we don’t have enough. From my experience, our money stories tend to be a lot more limited than God’s story. Now, more than ever, as we endure the ongoing global pandemic, it is so hard to see beyond our limited story to the ever unfolding story of possibility that God brings.

This fall, we are taking a fresh look at our money stories and asking where might God be speaking a new narrative into the limited ones we have told ourselves. We are inviting you to open up your own money story and consider it in the light of God’s story—a story that liberates us and invites us to be transformed for lives of joyful generosity and justice. This theme is personal—it’s about you as a disciple—but it’s also about us as a church.

Throughout the month of October, we invite you to join us in worship to remember, release, reimagine, and restore your money stories so that we can write the one God is begging us to live into. Beyond worship, you can take additional steps to grow in your discipleship through a personal study guide and opportunities to discuss and engage in spiritual practices that open us to that transformation.

Sunday, October 4
18th Sunday After Pentecost
Preacher: Rev. Taylor Fuerst
Scripture: Exodus 16:1-18
Sermon: “Remember”

Sunday, October 11
19th Sunday After Pentecost
Preacher: Rev. Taylor Fuerst
Scripture: Deuteronomy 15:1-11
Sermon: “Release”

Sunday, October 18
20th Sunday After Pentecost
Preacher: Dr. Brad King
Scripture: Mark 12:38-44
Sermon: “Reimagine”

Sunday, October 25
Commitment Sunday
Preacher: Rev. Taylor Fuerst
Scripture: John 21:1-19
Sermon: “Restore”