Table for 8: Fellowship Groups for Fall 2023 – Spring 2024

So many of the stories about Jesus tell us that he loved to gather people for meals. He invited all kinds of people to eat together in lots of different places, knowing that in the breaking of bread people often find a chance for deeper relationship with God and one another. Whether you participate solo, with a spouse or partner, or with a family of any age, Table for 8 brings together a small group of adults for fellowship and a meal with a similar goal.

We encourage groups to meet three times in the fall and three times in the spring. The goal of Table for 8 is to meet new friends, connect with other people who live near you, find things you did not know you had in common with people you’ve known for a while, and to deepen your sense of community at First Church. Sign up with a sense of adventure!

As you sign up, please indicate whether or not you are interested in being in a group that includes children. Also, each group needs at least one coordinator who is willing to initiate a conversation to schedule the first gathering. Coordinating and hosting roles can then be shared as the group prefers. Group coordinators will be notified in mid-August, and will then reach out to the rest of their group, with hopes of beginning in September.

For more information or questions, contact Emily Buchanan.