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Building a community together

FEAST/TOAST for Young Adults

What is FEAST?

FEAST is a community of young adults and young professionals, (ranging in age from their mid 20s to their mid 40s), that meet regularly both to build community and to dig into the more difficult aspects of our faith lives. Led by Dr. Brad King, FEAST is a modern take on the most ancient form of Christian worship, wherein followers of Jesus would meet to share a meal and talk about what exactly it means to belong to the Kingdom of God. 

For that reason, the majority of our meetings involve sharing food and conversation, and this is especially true of our monthly FEAST Dinners, during which Dr. King leads us through a guided discussion of a difficult topic facing Christians today.

Past and planned topics include:

      • How do progressive Christians conceive of Creationism?
      • What role should the Bible have in American politics?
      • Christians and belief in ghosts (a special Halloween event)
      • What does the bible say about sexuality?
      • How should Christians approach the death penalty? 

These aren’t easy questions and, in fact, our goal isn’t to provide clean or easy answers. Rather, we want you to come and engage in these tough conversations with people you might not encounter or engage with in your day-to-day lives but who, like you, want to share a meal and learn about someone else’s journey.  Join us to FEAST on the Spirit, on Scripture, on good food, and on great conversation.  Questions? For more information, to register, or to join our newsletter, contact Brad King at

In addition to delicious food, these meetings are focused on creating meaningful and personal interactions among individuals seeking more connection and engagement in a faith-interested atmosphere.

how do i join?

To join, all you need to do is send an email to Brad at and join the FEAST mailing list. Three times a month, you’ll receive a short newsletter letting you know what’s going on in the community. (Note: I will never share your information for any reason, and there’s an easy cancellation button if you decide you don’t want to hear from me anymore.)

Feast monthly schedule

Below is our typical monthly schedule, but always check your FEAST email to verify!

        • 1st Sunday Young Adult Lunch (after 11:00 a.m. service)
        • 2nd Sunday TOAST: Happy Hour at 4:30-6:00 p.m.
        • 3rd Sunday  No events
        • 4th Sunday Dinner FEAST 7:30-9:00 p.m.
        • 5th Sunday No events

    Upcoming Events