Sunday School

Learning and growing together as a faith community

Sunday School is a time-honored tradition that is new every Sunday! Our church family is a large one, and Sunday School offers everyone a special place to be. Sunday School is the place where people learn about the Christian faith in a loving, supportive environment. All groups meet at 10:00 a.m. If you would like a more personal introduction, please contact Pastor Brad King.

Adult Classes

Our Sunday School classes offer adults a wide selection of age groups, study topics, and learning styles. Study topics range from the Bible and Christian beliefs to personal growth issues, family relationships, and current social concerns. A strong emphasis on fellowship and support makes these groups a vital part of the church community.

Come as You Are
SAN Library
Members in their 40s and 50s enjoy spirited discussions and seek to grow together, exploring topics of spiritual and social importance. Community service, fun, and fellowship are important to class members as they prioritize giving back to the community and the church through discipleship in churchwide and class projects. Join them to experience a casual and friendly approach to serving the church and each other.
For more information, contact Leslie Ivey at

Cross Section
SAN Room 212
Sunday classes begin with sharing class members’ concerns, followed by spirited discussions leading to personal spiritual growth and working toward social justice. Discussion leaders are class members who offer varied references including the Bible and current Christian and secular sources. Class life for these members in their 60s and 70s includes service projects and fun social events. Visitors are welcome!
For more information, contact Bob Leeper at  or (512) 470-6933.

SAN Room 213
Members, ranging in age from mid-50s to 80s, enjoy a wide variety of lesson topics and lively discussion led by class members and guest speakers. The emphasis is generally on social justice issues and spiritual growth, with strong support for FUMC’s mission outreach. The class was an early member of the Reconciling Ministries Network.
For more information, contact Robbie Ausley at or Sally Watkins at

FLC Room 111
Study topics for this class, in their 50s and up, include Bible, Christian art and history, current events, personal development, and mission programs. These open and exploratory classes examine challenging topics to deepen understanding and faith. All are welcome and encouraged to join the faith journey.
For more information, contact Merry Rightmer at or (512) 272-8386.

FLC Room 104
Spirituality and scholarship combine in lively discussions on a variety of topics, with emphasis on community service. Class members are in their 50s and 60s.
For more information, contact Chip Morris at or (512) 674-5165.

Modern Families
FLC Garrison Chapel
A group of members in their 30s and 40s juggling parenthood/families who enjoy fellowship on Sundays as well as outside the doors of FUMC. A variety of lesson topics are led by class members and guest speakers. Class members enjoy growing as Christians through service to others, involvement in the church, class social activities, and helping each other.
For more information, contact Lindsay Liggett at

The Wonder Years
FLC Room 108
A new class for those looking for community and support as they establish and grow new families. Perfect for parents of all shapes and sizes with children under 10 who seek a faith-based community of peers to model discipleship as their littles grow. Members will enjoy loose, discussion-based classes with a focus on fellowship through the highs and lows of parenting.
For more information, contact Cliff Archey at