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 Table for 8

Table for 8 is a fun way to connect with people from FUMC in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Singles, couples, and families of all ages participate in this fellowship ministry that creates dining groups by geographical area. Groups are changed each year, with annual registration in July. They are encouraged to meet three times in the fall and three in the spring. Questions? Visit our FAQ below or email Emily Buchanan, Director of Discipleship, at

Registration is closed for 2021-2022 tables.



Q: How are the groups formed? Can we be in the same group as our friends?

A: Each group will usually consist of seven to ten adults. Since the intent of the dinners is to get to know new people, we will not accommodate requests to be in a certain group. The mystery is part of the fun!

Q: Will there be separate groups for singles and couples?

A: No. Our intent is to mix everyone together.

Q: I don’t have room at my house to host eight people or I really can’t cook!

A: We want you to spend time getting to know one another and to include everyone. We highly recommend rotating hosting duties among group members. However, if that is not feasible, your group might choose to repeat a host home, schedule dinner at church, or meet at a restaurant.

Q: Are children included?

A: Parents may choose to leave their children at home with a sitter or bring them. As part of the registration process, tables will be set as adults only or child friendly. Ultimately, it is up to each group to decide the best options for its participants.

Q: Who cooks all meals?

A: That’s up to your group! We think potluck dinners are fun. You can even pick a “theme night,” (i.e. Italian night, Mexican Night, soup night, etc), and everyone can bring a dish that goes with that theme. Or, restaurants or alternative locations are also an option.

Q: What happens after our final gathering?

A: Hopefully, you will have had a wonderful experience and might even decide to continue to meet as a group. You can also sign up for another round with a new group.

Q: What if I missed the July deadline for registration?

A: Contact Emily Buchanan at to determine if any groups have openings or new groups might be forming.

This summer, as things begin to open back up, we wanted to offer our recommendations on places we’ve been that have safety protocols in place and make for a fun and safe outing with your Picnic for 8. So get out there and enjoy being together again! View Summer Guide here.