Older Adults

Fellowship and fun together as a community

The Cheers Ministry is a community for those young-at-heart who are recently retired, semi-retired, or thinking about setting a date to retire. Designed for our members and visitors who are of the Baby Boomer generation (you know who you are), this group is a way to build community, get to know others, and find ways to connect within our large church family. We’ve named it the “Cheers Ministry” from the line in the sitcom theme song, because we hope that this community will be a place “where everybody knows your name.”

Although not intended to be a replacement for your Sunday School class, the ministry will include social activities, service projects, and opportunities for friendships and new experiences — all within our faith community. For more information, contact Dick Young at

Cheers: Pease Park Troll Stroll

Thursday, April 25 | 6:00PM | Pease Park, Kingsbury Commons, 1100 Kingsbury Street
Join Cheers, our community of newly and nearly retired people, as we embark on a troll stroll. Danish artist Thomas Dambo has created Austin’s very own troll named Malin. Cheers folks will meet at the large picnic tables adjacent to Kingsbury Commons, then stroll a short way up the hike and bike trail to Malin. Bring your picnic basket for dinner and fellowship afterwards. While parking is limited at Kingsbury Commons, there is ample parking a short walk away at the Austin Recreational Center. Email Dick Young with questions.