Master Plan Community Forum

Transforming the Church Now for the Future

On Saturday, March 26, the FUMC Austin Community gathered to collect our hopes, dreams, and ideas for our ministry facilities at the Master Plan Community Forum, hosted by our team from Heimsath Architects.

Our architects shared information they’ve gathered over the last several months while assessing the condition of each building on the FUMC campus. Then, they sent participants out in groups to tour the facility with ministry needs in mind. Each group had a particular focus, such as Worship, Fellowship, Administration, Children’s and Youth Ministries, or Adult Education, along with a corresponding set of questions that helped the team assess how our buildings might better meet ministry needs now and in the future.

All were invited to think beyond standard technical solutions and ask, “What if…?” No dream was too big!

Ideas were collected from these teams at the end of the day, following reports from each of the teams.

You may have been at the Master Planning Community Forum and since had more ideas or new ones about a different ministry/function of our facility that you would like to share with Heimsath Architects. We also know many who did not attend on Saturday also have big ideas for facilities that would truly transform the ministry possibilities at FUMC! In either case, FUMC needs you to share those ideas!

Use the button below to submit your ideas and observations electronically using a linked Google Doc or find printable pdfs for each space in the Resources section near the bottom of this page. You can print, scan and email those to Rachel Wright, Director of Communications and Strategy, or deliver them to the church office.

Please submit all responses via linked Google Doc or by emailing or delivering pdfs by Easter Monday, April 18 at 9:00 a.m.