Sanctuary Worship Series: God Gives Us

Sundays, October 3-October 24

God gives so much. Even as we endure challenges, it’s not hard to look around and see the gifts God has given and continues to give, especially through the ministry of FUMC. Over the next few weeks, we will pay attention to the way that God’s generosity works through the church. As we celebrate His generosity, you are invited to think about and answer the following questions:


    • Who at FUMC has been a gift to you?

    • What gifts and challenges do you see in the community where God has put us?

    • What voices do you hear, when you listen?

    • Is there a time when God made something possible that you would have deemed impossible?

    • Is there something God is asking you to do that is beyond what you alone are capable of?

As you think about these questions, we invite you to submit a photo, quote, Bible verse, or written response to one or more of the questions. Get creative! We want to fill our entire Sanctuary wall with the gifts God has given us. You can leave responses in the church office, addressed to Emily Buchanan. Or, better yet, email them to: Please submit all responses by October 15th and be sure to specify which question(s) you’re answering.

Commitment Sunday

We will turn in our Generosity Commitment Cards as an act of worship on October 24. Completing and returning a Generosity Commitment Card expresses your intent and affirms your desire to honor God with your financial generosity. Your financial generosity enables all of our ministries to answer God’s call effectively. Sharing with the church your prayerful decision to be generous makes it possible for us to confidently make and implement bold plans for effective ministry. You may also submit your pledge online at



Time and Talents Survey

What are your talents?  God blesses each of us with gifts to be used together to form the body of Christ in the church and do God’s work in the world.  In addition to our financial generosity, we also give to God of our time and talents.  Are you a great organizer of events?  Enjoy public speaking?  Handy around the house?  You can serve God through the church with your talents.  Fill out our Time and Talents Survey at or place a printed brochure in the offering plate.  Printed copies are available in the foyer.