Dear Church, You need people.

We all need people–those who create a safe space to wonder about life’s questions, who accompany us in our struggles and celebrate with us in our joys. These are the people that tangibly remind us of God’s presence along the journey of life and faith.

You need people. That’s why I am inviting you to try a small group this fall. I want you to find a community of people that helps you connect with God, grow your faith, and build meaningful friendships in the church.

My own small group experiences have varied widely. Some groups gave me a connection point for a short time–a step on the journey. Others opened the door to lifelong friendship with people I now consider family. At the outset of each group, none of us knew how God would use those weekly meetings with a group of faith-seeking people to grow and shape each of us; we simply decided to take the first step and find out.

That’s my encouragement to you today: take the first step, and just see what God might do. See more information about small groups below and sign up today. Groups begin meeting the last week of September.

Take a step–today! Pastor Taylor

Groups of 8-12 participants will join in conversation over 8 weeks with experienced facilitators to explore their lives of faith together. Groups will begin meeting the week of September 26. Zoom and in-person options available.