By Cecily Wright
I have been serving every Thursday at the Feed My People Breakfast for several years. (To give you an idea, Tina Carter first suggested this as a good opportunity for me!)

I help mainly in the kitchen, washing dishes, but will fill in if needed with other tasks. Some weeks there is an abundance of volunteers, and some weeks there are not very many. Many of our volunteers are high school and UT students and I appreciate that, as they serve, they are seeing people who do not have as much as they do.

I have made many friends among the other regular volunteers over the years, both from First Church and the other churches that participate each week. Plus, it is really fun to use a commercial dishwasher! First Church is responsible for fourth Tuesdays, providing the food and volunteers. Even though I do not generally serve on Tuesdays, for the past few years I have worked with Sharon Doss to do the shopping for fourth Tuesdays. Over the years I have found this to be something I really enjoy doing and, as my job schedule has changed some, the amount of time I can serve in the kitchen has grown.

I appreciate the flexibility of service at the Breakfast and one nice thing about volunteering at 5:00 a.m. in the morning is that there are very few conflicts with other activities!