Black children in Texas make up just 11 percent of births in the state, but nearly 30 percent of all women in Texas who die from pregnancy related complications are Black, meaning that Black mothers experience maternal death rates two to four times higher than white women.

This month’s mission emphasis is Black Mamas ATX, an extraordinary local organization of everyday women dedicated to transforming those dire stats by saving the lives of Black mothers. Through increased awareness, training, outreach, and research, Black Mamas ATX is leading the charge in Central Texas to help Black mothers get the education and access to resources needed to have healthy pregnancies and birthing experiences.

Their goal is to reduce—and ultimately eliminate—the alarming healthcare disparity for Black women that leads to these high maternal mortality and morbidity rates. For this reason, Black Mamas ATX is also deeply committed to policy development and advocacy. In the 2023 legislative session, Black Mamas ATX helped raise awareness and pass House Bill 12, which extends Medicaid health coverage for Texas mothers from just 60 days after giving birth to a full year. Medicaid covers half of all births in Texas. This is a significant step that will save lives.

Your gifts marked “Black Mamas ATX” may be placed in the offering basket during worship, mailed to or brought by the church office, or made online at Follow the step-by-step instructions there or use the button below and select “Monthly Mission Emphasis” from the drop-down menu and indicate “Black Mamas ATX “ in the memo section.