This past year during a pandemic has required many adaptations to how we interact with our church community.  The church has had to adapt. You have had to adapt. We’ve gone virtual for worship, Sunday School, and book studies.  We want to hear from you on how you are receiving communications from the church and opportunities for improvement to help you feel more connected to our church community. The survey should take about 5 minutes to complete the questions below. All answers are anonymous.

    Communications Pulse Survey

    Are you getting enough communications from the church?

    What type of content would you like to see more of from FUMC Austin?

    How often do you read the weekly FUMC eNews published on Thursday mornings?

    How do you receive your information from FUMC Austin? Select all that apply.

    How often do you visit the FUMC Austin website at

    Have you downloaded the FUMC Austin mobile app?

    Is there content you would like to see added to the FUMC Austin mobile app?

    Is there anything you value about the virtual worship experience that you would like to see remain once in-person services are available?

    Is there anything from this Covid era that we should maintain in the "post-Covid" era?

    How would you like to participate with the church in 2021-2022?

    Do you feel connected to the FUMC Austin church community?

    What is helping you feel connected to the church during this time? If you answered no to the question above, what would help you feel more connected?