Each Christmas, we remember that Christ’s coming is an act of self-giving by God—God has given, and continues to give, God’s very self for our sake. This offering is meant to draw us out of ourselves, to imitate Christ by making our own lives a gift for others. In that Spirit, each year we take a special Christmas Offering that is meant to impact lives other than our own.

For some time, the Spirit has been stirring in our congregation, reminding us of our core value of Bridge-building, encouraging us to seek deeper, meaningful relationships and partnerships that further our commitment to racial justice.

Huston-Tillotson University (HT) has Methodist Roots and continues to be affiliated with the United Methodist Church, as well as the United Church of Christ. A Historically Black University, HT has stood in East Austin since 1878, with a mission to nurture a legacy of leadership and excellence in education, connecting knowledge, power, passion, and values. Many HT students have endured an outsized impact on their lives from the Coronavirus Pandemic. With the financial crunch, many are unable to pay tuition bills and tempted to feel that school is the thing that “will have to wait.” However, statistics reveal that students who unenroll are not likely to come back—ever. 

Our mission with this year’s Christmas Offering is to form the bridge for as many of these students as possible. We aim to make up for tuition they have been unable to pay this fall—often due to pandemic loss of income or inability to continue working—in order to allow and encourage them to register for spring classes. Our contribution communicates to each student, “You are worth it. Your education and your future are worth it,” and perhaps most importantly, “You are not alone.” Our gifts today open the doors for future steps that allow these students to flourish. It could literally change their lives.

You may give online or mail a check to the church marked “Christmas Offering.”