This summer and fall, the stone that so beautifully adorns our buildings developed unsafe cracks, and a few pieces even fell to the ground. While we are thankful that no one was injured, we had to quickly deploy professionals to remove any loose pieces in order to ensure the safety of everyone in and around our facilities.

Efforts are underway to determine the extent of repairs needed throughout our facilities, with a full report due in the spring. In the meantime, we expect to spend nearly three times our annual facilities maintenance budget this year just to ensure safety. While we are able to absorb some of this expense in other areas of the budget, we anticipate that our overall expenses will surpass revenue this year by $150,000. Our hope is to offset this loss as much as possible through this year’s Christmas Offering.

Our buildings are essential to the life-changing work we do together. The church is not a building; and yet, the church’s buildings create spaces where transformation happens. Let’s take care of this place, so it can continue to be a tool for God’s work in this world.

You may give online or mail a check to the church marked “Christmas Offering.”