FUMC has a long history of making donations to our central Texas blood provider, We Are Blood. Covid-19 prevents us from hosting a drive this year so we invite the congregation along with friends to choose a location convenient for you and make an appointment to donate. The need for blood has remained constant during the pandemic while the procedure for donating has been heavily impacted. We Are Blood has implemented numerous policy changes to protect all donors.

The pandemic has reduced the amount of blood used in 2020 compared to prior years. Much of this is due to postponement of numerous elective surgeries and the reduction of traumatic accidents due to our reduced travel. Unfortunately, blood donations are also significantly down. Mobile blood drives at offices and churches are significantly down due to remote working and virtual services. Donations have mostly kept up with demand this year with some exceptions. The recent addition of heart transplants at Dell Children’s Hospital does add a new need for blood that must be met.

Donating blood now requires an appointment. The easiest way to make an appointment is through the website. Information on eligibility and locations is available on the first page. You will quickly learn that all blood is now tested for Covid-19 and your results will be available online within a few days of your donation. Returning donors who don’t know their donor number can either call 512-206-1266 for help or email Craig Welborn ( for assistance. Please remember to tell We are Blood during your registration at the front desk that your donation should be credited to the First United Methodist Church of Austin account.