Youth Mission Trips: KEY To Spiritual Lives of Teens

Youth Mission - Appalachia Service Team
FUMC Austin Youth Mission with Appalachia Service Project

At FUMC Austin, both middle and high school students are taking trips away from home this summer, serving and learning through partnerships with Appalachia Service Project in eastern Kentucky and Reach Beyond Mission in Albuquerque, New Mexico. These team-building trips are more than a chance to help vulnerable neighbors, though we believe that Jesus calls us to that work in deeply relational ways that help young people practice empathy and care for community while also discovering gifts, strengths, and new skills—and even their own vulnerabilities. Young people also learn more about systemic injustice and get a chance to build a spiritual framework and the social tools they need to practice mercy and justice throughout their lives.

How can you help?

Pray for the teams.

First, pray for the more than 45 youth and young adults who will travel in mission this summer. Pray for our partners at ASP and Reach Beyond Mission. Pray for the people that will be served by their time away. The pandemic has been difficult for everyone, and the needs in vulnerable communities have grown over the last two years.

Make a gift.

Then, make a gift to support their work as you are able. Our total fundraising goal for both mission trips is $25,000. During the pandemic, we shifted to a team approach and it worked so well that we are team fundraising all the way! When you make a gift to support youth mission, you are making an investment in the spiritual development of all participating youth. This year, there are a couple ways to do this: you can purchase an alternative Father’s Day gift for the father figure(s) in your life or invest in youth when you buy “stock” in this summer’s mission trips to Appalachia and New Mexico.

Youth mission with ASP

Gifts with Impact: Honor the Father Figures in Your Life

Support youth mission and give the father figures in your life a gift that reflects the same lasting impact they’ve had on you. When you purchase one of the gifts below, you may not have a new mug or tie to show for it, but you will receive an acknowledgement of every gift made in honor of your father figures. The gifts listed below in our Father’s Day alternative gifts market provide tangible support to the youth mission teams as they travel this summer and those teams, in turn, support vulnerable communities in ways that bring us closer to a just and loving world.

Entrance Fees | $25
Purchase this gift and sponsor the entrance fees for educational and recreational activities for one youth mission team member. Help a teen participate fully in these days of service learning and team building.

Treats & Snacks | $50
Provide treats and snacks for the whole team. Help buy extra work-day lunch goodies like chips and cookies for everyone or help kids cool off after a long day and support a small business with a visit to a local ice cream parlor.


Hardware | $100
Support the local economy and our youth by sponsoring a trip to the local hardware store for tools, supplies, and lumber needed onsite.

Team Building | $250
Make sure small groups have team-building supplies like team t-shirts and printed discussion guides that help youth learn and bond together.

Room & Board | $500
Provide room, board, and salary for a staff member at one of our partner organizations during our week of service.

Travel | $1000
Make a gift that represents the total cost of room and board, fees, and travel for a youth mission trip participant.

Invest in Youth Mission: Buy “Stock” in Summer Trips

Beginning, Sunday, May 8, middle and high school youth will be outside the Sanctuary selling “stock” to raise funds for our two summer mission trips each week after worship services. On these trips, middle school participants will learn about systemic inequity and how to work in community for greater justice with partners at Reach Beyond Mission in Albuquerque, New Mexico, while high school participants will travel to eastern Kentucky to help make homes in Appalachia warmer, safer, and drier with our long-time partners at Appalachia Service Project.

Your investment in “stock” for these experiences pays off by helping our youth and their adult team leaders, more than 45 people in total this year, raise our goal of $25,000 and keep costs manageable for individuals while working for stronger community and greater justice. Bring your checkbook on Sundays or purchase stock online and see the love and encouragement you invest grow! For more information, contact Youth Director Devon Bailey

High School Youth Mission: Appalachia Service Project

June 17-28, 2022
Eastern Kentucky

High School Youth

Middle School Youth Mission: Reach Beyond Mission

July 16-23, 2022
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Middle School Youth



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FUMC Austin Youth Mission Team
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