Church Leadership

“Anyone who wants to serve me must follow me, because my servants must be where I am. And the Father will honor anyone who serves me.”

John 12:26 

First United Methodist Church – Nominations Report

For service beginning or continuing on January 1, 2020.
Updated on January 9, 2020

To learn about the various church committees and their role in serving the church, read our FUMC Committees summary.

Administrative Board Officers

Chair: Cindy Walter
Vice Chair: Brandon Crisp
Secretary: Merry Rightmer
Treasurer: Mark Hamre

Executive Team (ex officio members of Ad. Board)

Cindy Walter (Chair)
Brandon Crisp (Vice Chair)
Pete Meeker (Past Chair)
Whitney Thurman (SPRC)
Matt Purdy (Finance)
To Be Elected (Trustee)
Rev. Taylor Fuerst (Senior Pastor)
Dave Ballbach (Director of Operations)

Coordinating Team (ex officio members of Ad. Board)

Board of Trustees Chair: To Be Elected
Staff-Parish Relations Committee Chair: Whitney Thurman
Finance Chair: Matt Purdy
Youth Ministry Chair: Leslie Ivey
Children’s Ministry Chair: Erin Scarth
Adult Discipleship Chair: Pete Meeker
Communications/Marketing: Beverly Silas
Congregational Care Chair: Robbie Ausley
Connections Chair: Brandon and Kaycee Crisp
Mercy and Justice Chair: Terri Purdy
Worship Chair: To Be Elected
Reconciling Ministry Chairs: Davis Covin
Trustee Chair: To Be Elected
UMW President: Sandy Wilder
Pastors/Program Staff: Rev. Taylor Fuerst, Rev. Cathy Stone, Dave Ballbach, Lara Greene, Devon Bailey, Mary Heckmann

Administrative Board

The Administrative Board is empowered to elect to office any vacancies in this report or that may occur in the course of the year.

Board Officers

Chair: Cindy Walter
Vice Chair: Brandon Crisp
Treasurer: Mark Hamre
Secretary: Merry Rightmer
Rev. Taylor Fuerst
Rev. Cathy Stone

Committee Chairs

Robbie Ausley
Whitney Thurman
Beverly Silas
Davis Covin
Mark Hamre
Erin Scarth
Terri Purdy
Leslie Ivey
Chair of Trustees TBD
Matt Purdy
Brandon Crisp

Staff (Ex-Officio, Voice, No Vote)

Dave Ballbach
Brad King
Scott Davis
Daviss King
Lara Greene
Trevor Harper
Mary Heckmann
Marcia Houston
Deanna Fairchild
Gina Harper
Mark Steves
Devon Bailey

Members at Large

Class of 2020

Elizabeth Lerner
Ryan Schuelke
Kathy Morales
Lauren Perry
Caroline Greene
Ann Teich
Kaycee Crisp
Kay Sterling
Tom Watkins
Cecily Wright

Class of 2021

Craig Blome
Judy Breckbill
Lynn Bunton
Stan Casey
Peyton Casey
Doug Chambers
Michael Render
Rebecca Yohe

Class of 2022

Judy Kostura
Chris Story
Lucius Bunton
Katie Kaighin
Stephen Billiot
Mary John Coats
Anna Holland
Anthony HollandBrooks Schuelke
(District Lay Leader)

Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Chair: Whitney Thurman; Staff: Rev. Taylor Fuerst
Ex-Officio: Pete Meeker, Administrative Board Chair/Representative; Sandy Wilder, Annual Conference Delegate
Staff: Rev. Taylor Fuerst

Truman Fenton
Tabatha Stephens
Cliff Bevel
Penny Appleby
Carl McClendon
Whitney Thurman
Kathy Billiot
Lisa Pittman
Stan Casey

Annual Conference Delegates 

(2 for FUMC, plus 4 District Delegates)
Alternates: Sandy Wilder, Meme Drumwright, Brad King

Bob Garrett
Clay Daigle
Sharon Doss
Cindy Walter
Lauren Perry
Mike Etie

Finance Team

Chair: Matt Purdy
Staff: Deanna Fairchild (Staff), Dave Ballbach (Staff), Rev. Taylor Fuerst (Staff)
Ex-Officio voting: Pete Meeker, Administrative Board; Mark Hamre, Treasurer; Stewardship Chair; and representatives from SPRC, Trustees & Annual Conference Delegate

Matt Purdy
Rob Ivey
Cassie Gresham
Jan Ashmos
Pam Steves
Dick Young
Carrie Conner
Tim Deithloff
Tony Kenrick

Board of Trustees

(at least 3 women required)
Chair: To Be Elected
Staff: Dave Ballbach, Mark Steves

Will Gresham
Earl Crane
Carol Brady
Bergan Casey
Robbie Cripe
Barrett Criscoe
Haley Rose
Tucker Thurman
Jen Gius

First United Methodist Church Endowment Fund, Inc
Board of Directors

Members at Large
Jim Kaighin (2020)
Becky Strandwitz (2020)
Jamie Aguirre (2021)
Cecily Wright (2021)
Mark Wilson (2022)
Glenn Karisch (2022)

Administrative Board Chair
Finance Chair: Matt Purdy
Board of Trustees Chair: To Be Elected
Church Treasurer: Mark Hamre
Registered Agent: Deanna Fairchild
Senior Pastor: Rev. Taylor Fuerst

Committee on Nominations & Leadership Development

Chair: Rev. Taylor Fuerst

Jan Berger
Sharon Doss
Kevin Waggoner
Jim Dow
Lindsay Liggett
Chip Morris
Will Binford
Melanie Rush
Jane Bowen

Adult Discipleship Team

Chair:  Pete Meeker
Staff: Emily Buchanan

Deborah Wilder
Ellis Pittman
Curt Ashmos
Lucius Bunton
Curt Shaw
Amy Wink

Children Ministries Team

Co-Chairs: Erin Scarth
Staff: Lara Greene, Chloe Conner

Liz Kilday
Katie Kaighin
Leslie Story
Dustin Goss
Tegra Swogger
Sarah Whitley
Cassie Gresham
Kim Battle

Youth Ministries Team

Chair: Leslie Ivey
Staff: Devon Bailey

Sarah Austin
Evan Drazic (HS)
Melanie Greene
Mark Steves
Adele Boerner (MS)
Taylor Austin (HS)
Molly Drazic
Heather Schuelke
Rebecca Yohe
Monica Choi
Tim Deschner
Caroline Greene (HS)
Peyton Ivey (HS)
Christie Wilson
Elisabeth Carrell

Mercy and Justice Team

Chair: Terri Purdy
Staff: Rev. Cathy Stone
District Mission Board Member: Terri Purdy

Davis Covin
Lisa Hilderbrand
Daviss King
Stacey Prentice
Sally Watkins
Shirley Derryberry
Judy Kostura
Ann Teich
Sandy Wilder
Howard Hartman
Caroline Jones
Keely Nugent
Randy Teich

Connections Team

Chair: To Be Elected
Staff: Trevor Harper

Ben Patterson
Rick Ortiz
Sharon Doss
Davis Covin
Alice Parrish
Robbie Cripe

Communications /Marketing

Chair: Beverly Silas
Staff: Mary Heckmann

Anthony Gutierrez
Tegra Swogger
Laura Lee Daigle
Tony Gius
Bob Leeper
Keefe Boerner

Congregational Care Team

Chair: Robbie Ausley
Staff: Rev. Taylor Fuerst, Daviss King

Silver Link Ministry Team
Drive a Senior-West Austin
Hospital Visitation Team
Knit Wits Ministry
Comfort and Joy Ministry
Chair-Judy Breckbill
Chair-Tom Ausley
Co-Chair-Jan Ashmos, Co-Chair-Amy Hurt
Chair-Carol Dickerson
Co-Chair-Virginia McCarroll, Co-Chair-Debbie Rippetoe

United Methodist Women

President-Sandy Wilder
Vice President -Patricia Kenrick
Secretary- Becky Ratliff
Treasurer -Caroline Jones
Nominations -Emily George
At-large -Carrie Conner