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The Week Ahead: April 25-29

After plenty of April showers last week, we are looking forward to a wonderful week at FUMP.  Read on for more news! PARENT CONFERENCE SIGN UP MAY TUITION PAYMENTS TEACHER SPOTLIGHT: SCHEDULE BOREDOM! DIRECTOR'S BLOG: LAYING THE FOUNDATION FOR  A SUCCESSFUL KINDERGARTEN EXPERIENCE Please sign up for your parent-teacher conference here: FUMP PARENT TEACHER … [Read More...]

The Week Ahead: April 18-22

April is one of the most pleasant times of the year in Austin. The children are enjoying the great outdoors, at the Capitol Grounds!  I just love hearing it when the kids call it "my Capitol."  Here are other happenings around campus. Parent Conferences Reminder that parent conferences are Thursday and Friday, May 5 & 6! Here is what you need to know! Please … [Read More...]

The Week Ahead: April 11 – 15

Springtime in Texas is a beautiful thing! We are looking forward to another great week at FUMP!  Here is what you need to know for the coming week: Portraits have arrived. If you have any additional  needs with your order, please contact DABBS PHOTOGRAPHY.  They provide excellent customer service. We have purchased two new scooters for Wesley Hall and they need to be … [Read More...]

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The Home-to-School Connection

It is parent-teacher conference week at FUMP!  While at times, it may seem frivolous to hold parent conferences, because we are not reporting academic achievement.  However, it is just as important to share children’s developmental progress.  At FUMP, our highly trained teachers are tracking children’s progression and growth using many tools: developmental checklists, written observations, […]

Laying the Foundation for a Successful Kindergarten Experience

I was speaking with a teacher about the recent LITERACY DEVELOPMENT ARTICLE, which explains the FUMP practices to support children learning to read at their own pace. One thing we began to discuss is the length and breadth of preparation we do to ensure children are ready for elementary school.  We hear this sentiment time and […]

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