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FUMP December Newsletter!

It's here!  Please take a moment to read ourDecember 2014 edition of the FUMP Newsletter. Happy Holidays! … [Read More...]


Reservations for BSC, ASC & All Day Care

Announcing Reservations for single day use of BSC, ASC and All Day at FUMP.  After many parent requests, we are now adding to our programming here at FUMP.  There is a lengthy explanation of reservations and how they will be implemented on the website.  Click on our RESERVATIONS page for more information. … [Read More...]

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Frosting Fund Update

2014 Frosting Fund Drive, November 10th Update We would like to thank all to our families who have participated in the FUMP Frosting Fund Drive!   All in all, we raised $12,810, which exceeded our goal of $12,000.  THANK YOU!  We have now received donations and pledges from 47 of our families, a whopping 67%! We are exceedingly grateful to all of our parents for their … [Read More...]

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The FUMP experience

People often ask me the difference between First United Methodist Preschool and other preschool programs, which is sometimes hard to put into words.  After 25 years of association with FUMP, it is like family to me, and so many of our values are intrinsic to me now.  There is so much jargon thrown around these […]

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Welcome to “Preschool Mode”, FUMP’s Unplugged Philosophy

As I write this in a coffee shop, there is a parent with a child who looks to be three years old. The parent is typing and reading on a smart phone.  The child mostly entertains herself.  She calls out to her parent to get her attention.  The parent says yes each time without looking […]

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