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FUMP October 2015 Newsletter

Check out our October Newsletter here. … [Read More...]

FUMP’s Annual Fund Drive Begins Today

Fall 2015 Annual Fund Drive Much like the frosting of a beautiful and tasty cake, the Annual Fund’s purpose is to provide those extra, yet essential, ingredients to give your child the best possible preschool experience. This Annual Fund is, in essence, the ‘icing on the cake.’ We want your child to have a rich, vibrant experience at FUMP this year. Help us make this … [Read More...]

Parent Conferences and Book Fair Volunteers

October is upon us and we are ready to go! We look forward to the opportunity to sit down with parents and share information from school–to–home with you.  It is time to sign up for your conference times using volunteerspot.com: PARENT CONFERENCE SIGN UPS For our new families, here is some additional information about the conference days. We will hold … [Read More...]

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The FUMP Director’s Blog

Why In the World……

Have you found yourself saying, “Boy, I wonder why the preschool does that”? I think many of you have. We work hard to accommodate our families needs as often as we can, but regulations limit our flexibility. Here are a few common questions… It seems like there are many days that FUMP is closed, why? […]

The FUMP experience

People often ask me the difference between First United Methodist Preschool and other preschool programs, which is sometimes hard to put into words.  After 25 years of association with FUMP, it is like family to me, and so many of our values are intrinsic to me now.  There is so much jargon thrown around these […]

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