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Get involved in the FUMP Family Music Festival!

One of the most often-asked questions of parents touring the preschool is how can I get involved in my child’s preschool community.  The upcoming FUMP Family Music Festival is your big chance!  We have lots of ways to support FUMP! Please read on for more information.  Sandy Pennington, Director From Melanie Dow; the 2015 Music Fest Chair Dear Parents, As you … [Read More...]


Registration for 2015-2016 is now underway!

Registration for the 2014-2015 school year begins today!  Here is what you need to know: Look for a BRIGHT YELLOW registration form in your child’s cubby today and Tuesday. Registration forms are due on Friday, February 6. You may submit the registration fee with your form, or we will add the registration fee to your next tuition invoice. Need a registration form … [Read More...]

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Order your Music Fest T-Shirt Today!

As you know, the music festival is just around the corner!  Each year, our students enjoy wearing their Music Fest T-shirts to preschool, to the show, and after the event. Only a limited number of T-shirts will be available the week of the festival, so we encourage you to order yours now!  Please submit your order online by Wednesday, January 14th at 1:00 pm … [Read More...]

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The FUMP experience

People often ask me the difference between First United Methodist Preschool and other preschool programs, which is sometimes hard to put into words.  After 25 years of association with FUMP, it is like family to me, and so many of our values are intrinsic to me now.  There is so much jargon thrown around these […]

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Welcome to “Preschool Mode”, FUMP’s Unplugged Philosophy

As I write this in a coffee shop, there is a parent with a child who looks to be three years old. The parent is typing and reading on a smart phone.  The child mostly entertains herself.  She calls out to her parent to get her attention.  The parent says yes each time without looking […]

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