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The Week Ahead: May 23-27

How can it be our last full week of preschool?  The year has flown by! We will make the most of it with our all-school picnics, which will be held on May 26 & 27 at noon on the Capitol Grounds. Bring a lunch and a blanket to enjoy the Capitol Grounds. In case of rain, we will move to Wesley hall Please plan to pick up your child from their classroom, … [Read More...]

Pizza Friday Sign Ups

One summer activity we love is Pizza Fridays.  For $10.00 per session, your child can participate in all-you-can-eat pizza and bananas.  It makes our summer sessions more “camp-like” to have such a treat.  This year, we are conducting sign ups a little differently than last year. (**If your child is attending on Tuesday/Thursday, please disregard this email. Thank … [Read More...]

The Week Ahead: May 16-20

The school year is winding down.  Don't miss out on the fun here at FUMP! Teacher Evaluation and program surveys are due! Please use the link below for our online evaluations.  Evals will close TODAY (Monday) AT NOON! LEAD TEACHER EVALUATION ASSISTANT TEACHER EVALUATION FUMP PROGRAM EVALUATION Save the Date for our school picnics, which will be held … [Read More...]

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The Benefits of the Urban Preschool

As director, I speak with parents regularly about choosing the right school for their child.  My best advice is to parents is to visit schools. Each school has its own unique environment and school culture. Walking through the doors gives you a good insight to the learning environment – the tone of teachers, the size […]

Goodness of Fit

I was chatting with a teacher the other day about children’s temperaments and a particular topic came up.   Some children are extroverts, energetic, and seek out new and stimulating experiences in their environment. I am sure that you can picture the child who says hello to strangers in the grocery store, loves to be “on […]

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