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System of Care Presentation File (PowerPoint Format)

At the Administrative Board Meeting in April, our church’s System of Care was unveiled and explained by Marilyn Bettis, Chair of the Congregational Care Team.

The System of Care is a plan for communications which enables us to become a more loving and caring congregation. The System of Care was initiated to ensure that we effectively communicate needs and that we respond to these needs in a timely and appropriate manner. The elements of the System of Care include the church family, a Care Coordinator, and information systems and software. All these components are needed to provide effective communication within the church family, especially information from the church family. We count on you to tell us when you learn of needs among our members. We can only respond when we are made aware of needs within the church family. When you become aware of needs, please notify the Care Coordinator, Libby Sykora , at or 478-5684 (ext. 203).

The System of Care needs to include all aspects of the church structure from the Administrative Board, Sunday School classes, Congregational Care Teams, and groups within our church family, both formal and informal, to individual members. Please do your part to help us become a more loving and caring congregation!

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