Operating Fund Financial Results (August Year-to-Date 2014)


  We received about $6.5K for the month less than we expected but about $8.9K more than last year. We paid our Apportionments through August on time and spent $11.6K more than planned. On a year-to-date basis, our loss is less than we budgeted. Your faithful generosity enables us to make disciples who in turn will transform the world. Thank you. … [Read more...]

Sandy Wilder Receives Award


Sandy Wilder, Administrative Board Chair, was recently honored by the Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas for her commitment to giving the gift of life. Sandy has given 35 gallons of blood in the past few years, helping to save hundreds of lives. Sandy’s donations add credit to our church’s account, enabling us to help our own members, as well as many others. Watch for the announcement of our next blood drive, and join Sandy in giving the gift of life! … [Read more...]

Administrative Board Highlights


The Administrative Board met on Sunday, January 26th. The following are some highlights of the meeting: •  Upon recommendation of the Staff-Parish Relations Committee, approved a request from the Reverend Barbara Ruth for a spiritual growth leave from February 16th to April 13th was approved. •  Received the report of the Staff-Parish Relations Committee informing the board of the Reverend Kathleen Jones’ decision to retire at the end of May and of the Reverend Jen Stuart’s decision to seek ordination in the Pacific Northwest Conference or the Oregon-Idaho Conference in light of the … [Read more...]

Proposed 2014 Operating Budget


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Financial Report for January


Income: $129,662.60 Expenses: $121,051.91 Ending Balance: $ 8,610.69 % of 2013 Apportionments paid to date: 10% First Church is off to a sound start for January of 2013! … [Read more...]

2012 Charge Conference Documents


First UMC 2012 Charge Conference Minutes (PDF) First UMC 2012 Charge Conference Minutes (docx) Church Conference Congregational Questions (PDF) Church Conference Congregational Questions (docx) Lay Leader - State of the Church (PDF) Lay Leader - State of the Church (docx) 2013 Administrative Board - Final (PDF) 2013 Administrative Board - Final (xls) 2013 Nominations & Leader Committee Report - Final (PDF) 2013 Nominations & Leader Committee Report - Final (docx) … [Read more...]

Administrative Board Actions


The Administrative Board met on Sunday, August 19th, in the Great Hall of the Family Life Center. Three major actions were taken. 1. The Board approved a number of minor changes in the by-laws of the First United Methodist Preschool (FUMP) to make them consistent with current practice. 2. The Board approved the use of the Family Life Center for a pilot project to join with other downtown churches in offering overnight shelter to homeless women. Our basic commitment is to provide space on the gym floor for 50 women to sleep from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., use of our bathroom facilities … [Read more...]

Introducing the Circle of Stewards


--Marilyn Good, FUMC Stewardship Chair The circle is one of the oldest and strongest images known to humankind. We gathered in a circle to tell our stories, circled the wagons to protect ourselves going west, joined in a circle to play games as children, sat in council circles to make decisions, and circle up for prayer. Now at First Church we are trying a new thing, using the circle, not a committee, task force, or board, to describe the virtual and real group of people who define themselves, or are seeking to define themselves, as Christian stewards. Those of you who heard my Sunday … [Read more...]

Proposed Facility Use Guidelines for Members

FUMC Post Card 2

Download FUMC Member Facility Use Guidelines (PDF) January 27, 2012 As a church family, we recognize that all space at FUMC is shared space. We have multiple uses of all rooms during the week, including rental to outside organizations that pay for the space, thereby contributing to the revenue that helps FUMC support its facilities. We also provide space to organizations whose mission is in keeping with the FUMC mission or who have been adopted as adjunct missions of the church. These guidelines are developed to enable us as stewards of this physical plant to keep our facilities in good … [Read more...]

FUMC Awarded Grant for Renewal


The Austin District Trustees have awarded a revitalization grant to First United Methodist Church from the Urban Transitional Ministries Fund in the amount of $19,150! FUMC applied for $15,000 grant to go toward the acquisition of a first-rate audio-visual projection system to help us to reach out more effectively to our unchurched neighbors.  As each generation becomes more image-oriented and less print-oriented, the ability to use images effectively in preaching and worship becomes more crucial.  This trend is true both for traditional worship styles and even more so for contemporary … [Read more...]